What do Vegans Eat?

the popular question is: “What do vegans eat?”

It isn’t hard and very simple changes need to be made to become vegan. It may take some time to change your diet, but it will be easy and fun to explore new foods and develop a routine. There are so many different options you can try!

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We created this community to answer the question “What is a vegetarian diet?”
and making vegans life easier and discover new flavors

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Tofu fish & chips

Tofu fish & chips Why not use tofu as a fish substitute it’s still tasty but better for you and the planet 🌏🌟 Why not

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Green smoothiebowl

Spinach Green smoothiebowl

Spinach Green smoothiebowl Spinach, lamb’s lettuce, banana, lemon, ginger, barley grass powder, water, linseed, psyllium husks, oat flakes and, as a topping, homemade granola from

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